Shot Blaster 6” 110V (or Similar Model)

The SB-6 Shot Blaster is a lightweight, portable solution for small to medium size jobs. Its various applications makes it one of the most versatile surface prep machines available. The SB-6 features an adjustable handle which allows push or pull movement. This feature allows the ability to blast in any corner including under shelving and machinery.

Rental Rates

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Cleaning Path: 6" (15cm)
4" (10cm) Line Stripe Adapter (Optional)
Housing Construction Material: Manganese
Interchangeable Liners: All
Wheels: 4 @ 3-1/5" Poly
Length: 16" (41cm)
Height: 20" (51cm)
Width: 14" (36cm)
Weight: 120 LBS (54kgs)
Motor: 120 Volts - 15 Amps - 3.4hp
Shot Capacity: 15 LBS (7kgs)
Shot Impact Force: 176 MPH (283km/h)
Blast Clearance From Wall: Side - 1.25" (3cm)
Front - 10" (25cm)
Rear - 6" (15cm)