About Us

Decorative Concrete University

The Online Concrete Coatings Training School

  • 1450 Enrolled Students
  • 60 Years of Concrete Experience
  • 3,657 Graduated Students

“I Realized that the key to my dreams was not a company or a product but helping others realize their dream.”

Joe Quick, CEO & Founder

Who We Are

Decorative Concrete University was created to share and educate decorative concrete contractors on how to properly install flooring systems and coatings. As the decorative concrete industry continues to grow, Decorative Concrete University is here to teach new and experienced contractors alike our innovative, quality flooring systems. Decorative Concrete University was created by industry experts with years of experience in the decorative concrete industry. Our seasoned concrete professionals have come together to create top-of-the-line online training courses for contractors to learn from. Decorative Concrete University’s courses cover many different flooring systems and coatings, including the innovative Graniflex™ system, Rustic Concrete Wood, Metallic Marble Stains, and more. For superior products, installation techniques, tips, tricks, and more, Decorative Concrete University is an excellent source.

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What We Do

Our decorative concrete courses cover a host of different flooring systems and coatings all in one convenient place. Our training courses cover the entire installation process from preparation to finishing and our industry experts will walk you through every step of the way. Courses are then followed up with online quizzes to test your memory and comprehension. With our thorough training courses, you’ll learn each complete decorative floor system and know how to apply it yourself to benefit your clients. To learn more about our course offerings, explore the site and see everything we have to offer. We welcome you to Decorative Concrete University and look forward to helping you in your decorative concrete education.