Equipment Rental

  • Warrior Ant Scrubber

    Floor Scrubber

  • Shot Blaster

    A lightweight, portable solution for small to medium size jobs

  • 30" Magnetic Broom

    This Magnetic Sweeper is manufactured with the shot blaster in mind

  • Floor Scraper

    Multi-purpose Floor Scraper

  • 4.5" Crack Chaser

    Excellent dust control and easy to maneuver

  • Pulse-Bac Pro 225

    The 225 is ideal for work involving dust from concrete

  • Pulse-Bac 1000

    The 1000 Series offers a large array of power and collection options

  • Hum-B Grinder

    The Hum-B can cover more square footage in less time, with less effort while focusing on comfort

  • Pressure Washer

    4000 PSI, perfect for cleaning concrete

  • Hover Scubber

    A versatile unit that can handle many surface cleaning needs

  • Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

    Great maneuverability thanks to an optimum weight distribution

  • Floor Burnisher

    This machine can burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hour

  • Power Generator

    Generac GP17500E (or similar model)

  • Warrior Samson

    Samson 2618 (or Similar Model)

  • Warrior Leonidas

    Leonidas 2692 (or Similar Model)