123 Resinous Flooring

Our resinous 123 floor system is an awesome option when you have a large area you want to coat with a chemical resistant, seamless “clean floor” look.  The three easy coats are put down in this order:

  1. Solid color epoxy (our Base Coat Epoxy)
  2. Colored urethane that matches the base epoxy color  (our Protectorthane)
  3. Finished with a 2nd colored Protectorthane top coat.

Don’t overlook this system! Plenty of our contractors have profited big-time $$ with this simple application. Many times, the look and benefits of the 123 System is all that industrial clients are looking for in a floor. If you’re able to provide a low-cost option to them, you’ll both come out winners!


  • Ease of installation for installer AND low price point for the customer.

    • Suggested selling price = $2.25 – $4.00 a sq ft.
  • Low product cost
    • Approximate contractor product cost is only around 60 cents per sq ft!

Coverage Rates:

  • Base Coat Epoxy down at 200 sq ft per gallon
  • 1st coat of colored Protectorthane down at 400 sq ft per gallon
  • 2nd coat of colored Protectorthane down at 400 sq ft per gallon


Tools Needed:

  • 1/8″ Notched Squeegee
  • 18″ long, 3/8″ thick nap roller cover


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